Want a Happier, More Fulfilling Life? 75-Year Harvard Study Says Focus on This 1 Thing

We often hear how that at the end of a person’s life they rarely regret not working harder; but often wish they had more time with their loved ones.  This article written by Patrick Ewers, the founder and CEO of Mindmaven, describes a 75-year Harvard study that supports that our relationships are the most important part of life to make us happy.  It also describes practicing what they at Mindmaven call “Positive Alacrity;” a skill they at Mindmaven define as “creating micro-experiences that cause an emotional uplifting in others.”  Positive Alacrity is based on a simple principle they describe as “When you think something positive and you genuinely believe it, voice it.”  It brings an uplifting experience to that person and you.

This article was helpful to us because it will help us remember to take advantage of the moment instead of over-thinking how to say thank you; and possibly missing the moment.

For an approved reprint of the whole article:  https://medium.com/the-mission/want-a-happier-more-fulfilling-life-75-year-harvard-study-says-focus-on-this-1-thing