Urgent Reminder: Medicaid Users Must Submit
Re-enrollment Application by June 17, 2016

Avoid Being Disenrolled from Medicaid by Meeting the June 17 Deadline

Want to make sure you remain enrolled in Texas Medicaid on Sept. 25, 2016? Submit your Medicaid re-enrollment application on or before June 17, 2016.

If your application is submitted after June 17, Texas Medicaid can’t guarantee that it will be processed and revalidated by the Sept. 24 deadline, which means you may be disenrolled from Texas Medicaid.

More information is available at DADS Texas Medicaid LTSS Provider Enrollment/Re-enrollment webpage.

Why Do I Need to Re-Enroll?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires state Medicaid agencies to revalidate the enrollment of all state Medicaid program providers. The original deadline of March 24, 2016, was extended by CMS to allow states additional time to process provider applications. For Texas Medicaid, this means all providers who have not met all PPACA revalidation requirements must do so through re-enrollment by Sept. 24, 2016.

Questions can be emailed to Texas.Medicaid.Enrollment@dads.state.tx.us.