June Employee Spotlight 2024

Personal Assistant Spotlight


Lauren is starting her second year for Home Vitality Care and has already worked for a variety of clients with different service needs.  She has 10 year’s experience in home care.  One of her clients has said that Lauren is able to anticipate how to help her proactively without the client needing to say anything.  Just nice little things, like going out and turning the garage light on before they get ready to go out of the house to get into the car.  Lauren’s favorite part of being a one-on-one Personal Assistant in the home is the companionship and building of relationships.  She enjoys helping individuals who don’t like asking for help, yet really need it.  She says, “They are so appreciative, it is a big return on my heart.”  Lauren stated that she likes working for Home Vitality Care because of the authenticity and genuine compassion for both clients and employees.

Lauren enjoys horseback riding, spending time with her family and researching natural wellness and overall well being in her spare time.