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Meals & Nutrition Assistance for Disabled & Senior Residents of NW Houston

Home Vitality Care knows the importance of a well-prepared, nutritious meal. But we also understand the challenges that many of you face concerning nutrition requirements and dietary restrictions--and how to provide food your loved one will actually enjoy!

Our professional assistants take the utmost care to prepare meals in consideration of these concerns, while involving your loved one in every step of the process.

We believe meals should be fun and enjoyable--and we strive to make that happen!

Meal Planning & Preparation

Our in-home caregivers try to avoid boring, repetitive meal schedules. We feel that a variety of meal types and ingredients are essential for encouraging the appetite and providing a balanced, nutritious diet--and it changes eating from a chore into something to look forward to.

We Value Involvement & Engagement

We always try to involve those under our care, as much as possible, with the planning and preparation of their meals. This effort will include:

  • Asking what they would like to eat ahead of time and providing suggestions and guidance in accordance with their dietary restrictions
  • Accompanying them to the grocery store
  • Encouraging them to be present in the kitchen when meals are prepared, and having them assist if possible.

Our caregivers can also help with grocery shopping and offer meal-time companionship.

Dietary & Nutrition Considerations

We understand that dietary restrictions such as low sodium diets or those for Diabetics can make preparing flavorful and tasty meals a formidable challenge. Our caregivers have the knowledge and creativity to work around these limitations and strive to find seasonings and ingredients that your loved one will enjoy. For example, ingredients such as onion, mustard, lemon, and wine can add tremendous flavor to a dish without breaking the dietary rules.

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