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Light Housekeeping Assistance for Disabled & Senior Residents of NW Houston

Our in-home caregivers provide assistance for the daily chores and general housekeeping that your loved one requires. Explore our various services below and learn how we can meet all their household needs.

Laundry & Bed Linens

Not only is laundry a daunting chore, but to the elderly it may be a very difficult task. Carrying heavy loads, lifting, bending and reading small text on the detergent bottle are all things that may cause hesitancy for older people in completing this chore. At Home Vitality, we understand and are here to help. Our caregivers can sort, wash, dry and put away clothes incorporating your loved one as much as they wish.

Bed linens need periodic changing and this too is a challenging task for the elderly. You may choose to spend your time with your loved one visiting and enjoying time together. Let us help with more routine chores such as washing their sheets and pillow cases and putting on new ones. They can also make sure that temperature appropriate bedding is being used.

Cleaning Floors & Dusting

Taking care of the routine cleanliness of the floors in your loved one's home is essential. Complete tidiness can help the elderly to keep their life organized and comfortable. Keeping the floors clean can also help prevent falls. We can make sure that the floors are free of spills and dust, ensuring that no extra hazards are there for anyone who may have problems with mobilization. Bending down repeatedly and navigating with a broom or mop can be increasingly difficult for an elderly person. Let our caregivers help keep the floor surfaces clear and clean for them.

Dust can pile up over time, but our caregivers can make sure that all of your loved one's things are cared for. Regular dusting of photos, books and living room decor can also help to keep a tranquil living area for your loved one. We understand that you can't always be there to make sure that everything gets done, so we are here to help you with as much as we can.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms should be kept clean to ensure tidiness throughout the home and cleanliness for health purposes. This tends to be a difficult task for the elderly. With hard to reach places that need to be cleaned, strength in applying pressure for scrubbing, using the right products on the right areas, and so many more reasons, this chore may be too difficult for your loved one to complete. With that in mind, our staff is here to help with this daunting chore. A neatly kept home, and bathroom, can help for the elderly to feel safe and comfortable.

Kitchen & Dish Cleaning

Along with preparing meals for your elderly family member, the clean up afterward and dishes created by meals throughout the day, needs to be done as well. The trash needs to be taken out, and can be heavy and a bit cumbersome to lift and carry for the elderly. Sharp objects used in meal preparation can cause a safety hazard as well as heavy dishes such as pots.

Our care professionals are there to make sure that your loved one is cared from completely from the meal preparation to the clean up and dishes afterward. Rest easy knowing that your family member is in good hands and will have a clean home while you can concentrate on making lasting memories with them during your visits.

Organizing of Paperwork, Cabinets, or Closets

Over time things around our homes can get moved around, mixed up, or forgotten. The elderly need help making sure that everything is where it should be for easier access when it's needed.


  • Tax Documents
  • Legal Paperwork
  • Medical Paperwork
  • Receipts
  • Warranty Information
  • Appliance Instructions
  • Photos
  • Banking/Financial Information

Important paperwork can be filed away and labeled so that is your loved one should ever need it, they know exactly when to go to find it.

Cabinets & Closets

Keeping personal items organized and in their correct place is most helpful for the elderly who may be going through mental lapses, vision loss, early dementia or Alzheimer's. Our caregivers can help with organizing cabinets and closets regularly. Things like keeping kitchen utensils, correspondence supplies, tools, and other household items can be put in their rightful place for ease when your loved one needs them. This is the same with closets. Linens, clothing, shoes and other items can be organized as well.

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