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Errands, Shopping & Transportation Services
for Disabled & Senior Residents of NW Houston

Home Vitality understands the need for help outside of the home. Whether an elderly person has medical limitations, limited mobility, or is unable to drive we are here to help.

Home Vitality caregivers offer prompt service to aide in daily life, so that your loved one never has to worry about tasks they may be too difficult for them.

Example Errands Might Include:

  • Grocery shopping and other household goods
  • Picking up medication
  • Pet needs
  • Help with mail services and deliveries
  • Holiday shopping
  • Library returns
  • Vehicle maintenance services

While we understand that unforeseen issues arise, calling for last minute errands, our caregivers will work to ensure that schedules are set for recurring needs. Medications, mail, and other time sensitive errands can be scheduled ahead of time to guarantee prompt delivery.

Accompaniment to Appointments

Driving can be difficult or tiresome for some elderly people. Having a passenger or someone to take them to their doctor appointments can be very helpful.

It can also be helpful to have someone to assist in filling out forms, conversing with the doctor, understanding prescriptions and doctor's instructions, and booking other appointments. The same goes for if your loved one has home visits from medical staff. Our caregivers can be there to help.

We understand that you can't always be there for every appointment or trip to pick up prescriptions. Let us help you and your loved one feel safe and cared for.

Home Vitality caregivers are here to help with a variety of personalized services for your loved one. Rest assured knowing that care means confidentiality, as well. Your caregiver is a great asset to daily life for those who need a little help.

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