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Companionship & Social Interaction for Disabled & Senior Residents of NW Houston

Being a part of social activities, having someone there to talk to and engage with, and knowing you have support from someone you see regularly are important to your loved one's mental health. We build trust and have great rapport with our clients and coming to care for them is inevitable when helping them in their daily lives.

We are certainly available to play cards, chat about their family or their day, or just be there to listen. However helping them to be socially active, otherwise, with other community members, patients, or neighbors is important, as well. Our companion caregivers can help to facilitate these social interactions, along with aide in the correspondence to set these up for your family member.

Help for Correspondence with Family & Friends

Staying in touch with family and friends, whether they live far away, or even someone they just don't see all that often, allows your loved ones to feel connected. Our companion caregivers can help with all points of correspondence.

How Can We Help?

  • RSVP's and invitation responses
  • Electronic correspondence and setup
  • Picking up and dropping off postage
  • Shipping options for packages
  • Dictation for handwritten letters
  • Organization of stationary, supplies, and addresses

Keeping up with family members in today's busy world is difficult enough for even your average young person. Imagine how stressful it can be for an elderly person. With options like text, social media, and even email sometimes being beyond their reach, a helpful hand can allow for correspondence to be less intimidating and more fun for them.  Above all else, our caregivers will be a companion your loved can depend on.

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