February Employee Spotlight 2024

Personal Assistant Spotlight


Melissa, with 20 years previous experience in healthcare and her Certified Nurse Aide and Medical Assistant certifications, became a valued member of our team in August 2021. She goes beyond being a caregiver, communicating and forming relationships with clients and family members to enhance their services.  She is a great team player and also cares about everyone on the team.

Melissa finds joy in gardening, cherishing her furbabies, embracing health and fitness, and finding fulfillment in friendships and married life. What she enjoys most about home care is the one on one relationships that help her learn how to make a positive difference in her clients’ daily lives. She keeps things within the scope of the Service Plan, but will do the little added things when needed. She recently went on her own time to visit a client in the hospital. She found that the client needed some things and helped them out.

Thank you Melissa for being a great team member and your vested interest in the company!